"Bad design shouts at you. Good design is the silent seller"
Shane Meendering

In order to get the maximum out of our outstanding High Definition Flexo technique, top class pre-press work is an absolute prerequisite.

Often valuable time is lost in the pre-press process. This is exactly what we wish to avoid. We have reduced the pre-process time to the very minimum. Depending on the complexity and volume of the job, we will always strive to enable you to approve your designs  the same day, or maximum within three working days.


We produce 1:1 Mock-up Sleeves, Bags and Flowpack bags for you!

By using a special printing method, we can produce printed 1:1 Mock-ups for you. We are in the position to print 1 to 10 prints/cuts-off on a regular transparent CPP film, and thereafter cut and seal the CPP film into the a proper Sleeve or Bag, in your correct dimensions. This will enable you to fill the sleeve or bag with the final product and close or seal it.



Your packaging design in 3D! Twist and turn your design on your Smartphone and Desktop, using the Studio Viewer App on your Smartphone or Adobe Reader.