"If you don't optimize for the consumer on the Internet, you're dead
Dara Khosrowshahi

Our webshop located in the 'Reserved Customer Area" on this website, makes it as easy as possible for you to place orders.

The MEDIANE webshop ensures a fast and easy ordering process, and enables you to view your personal pricing.


The benefits:


  • Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Instant Order Confirmation.

  • Easy to place orders.

  • All product information and personal pricing at a glance.

  • All your latest designs for you to see.

  • All certifcates (BRC, TÜV etc.) are updated annually and available for you to download in case of an audit.


After completion of the order, accept our Terms & Conditions and press "CompLete Order".


Once your have placed the order, changes to your order can only be made by our customer service team.

The webshop module is intergrated with our Production Planning and automatically creates an internal 'working order".


Booking your order through the system is therefore safer, faster and more efficient.


MEDIANE has constructed its own “design approval” application. 


The purpose of developing our own ‘custom-built” program and not to use the standard applications which are available on the market today, is to create a customer friendly easy-to-use application with only the major functions such as: APPROVE, COMMENT, MODIFY, UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD.


The system has a ‘chat’ function and keeps a chronological record of all comments and actions. E-mail confirmations are being sent automatically to all parties participating, to confirm each step. 

Easier, safer faster and more efficient.