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"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty".

Sir Winston Churchill


Our mission is to provide our customers with our products and services in such a way that our customers are satisfied and consider us to be their preferred supplier.

  • We wish to create packaging solutions and services developed in partnership with our customers.

  • We seek for integrity and fairness in our relationships and will always strive for open and accurate communication.

  • We wish to focus and specialize  on a limited number of products  and achieve maximum efficiency in doing so, thus keeping our competitive edge.

  • We  will continuously use our creativity, experience and network to find economical solutions whilst maintaining the optimal balance between performance and costs.

  • Our goal is to be  actively involved in the development of Bio-based, non-oil based films and Paper as an alternative to conventional polymers  resp. replace conventional fossil-based films with biobased materials, whenever possible.

  • We wish to remain a low-cost, lean organization, able to react quickly and creatively to new market developments and opportunities.


In summary, we wish to remain:

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