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We print, laminate, produce bags and sleeves, perforate, and slit/rewind.  All of this is done under one roof with the most advanced equipment. Besides modern machines, we have skilled workers and well-functioning logistics. An absolute prerequisite today, to play a role in the current  competitive market for packaging materials.


With our printed films, laminates, bags, and sleeves, we are active in the Fresh Produce Sector. With  our products, we serve more than 120 growers in Europe, for over 15 years now. We also actively serve to the confectionery and biscuit market with single films, laminated films and bio-based recyclable laminates.

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MEDIANE was one of the pioneers in the field of bio-plastics. for Fresh Produce. Meanwhile, we produce sleeves and bags from bio-based materials that are 100% recyclable. We focus on the recyclability of our materials but are also engaged in home-compostable films and produce final products from these materials as well.  We hold all valid TUV Austria Certificates for Home and Industrial compostability as well as TUV Austria Bio-Based 4 stars. Additionally, we have further developed our activities in paper and market our paper products under the name SEALPAP®.


One of our developments in recent years has been the coating, printing, and slitting of paper. We started this development for the production of our own paper sleeves. By now, SEALPAP®  has become a registered trademark, and we produce sealable papers on a large scale for a wide range of applications. More information can be found on our SEALPAP® paper products and SEALPAP® WRAP AROUND banderoles, on this website.

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In 2023, MEDIANE and EFEKT celebrated their 15th anniversary. Fifteen years ago, Janusz Frackowiak and Robert van der Laan laid the foundation for a collaboration in the field of films and sleeves. This partnership has since grown into the largest producer of sleeves, under one roof, in Europe, now enthusiastically continued and expanded by the next generation.

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