MEDIANE Flexible Packaging Solutions
We are working on upgrading our website.
MEDIANE Flexible Packaging Solutions
We are working on upgrading our website.

Herbal Plants

Mediane has understood that flexibility is key when it comes to serving the market for Fresh Herbs.

Changes in the product presentation such as new bio qualification logos or other icons on the packaging sleeve or promotional activities from retailers which require design changes and modifications, demand flexibility and anticipation from your  packaging supplier.

This is why, amongst others, we focus on quick service  when it comes to smoothening the Pre-Press process  which means that text changes are done within 1 working day and a PDF for a brand new design within 3 working days.

Irrespectively of the peak periods, which simply belong to this market segment, we will always focus on swift deliveries for both new designs and repeat orders.

This combined with our ability to produce small printing runs and delivery according to agreed delivery call-off schedules makes us a reliable and flexible partner.


Fresh Herbal plants

Our sleeves are being produced by using a unique flexible "sealing bar" instead of a fixed die-cut knife.

By means of this flexible sealing bar we are in the position to produce every possible pot-size and sleeve shape within a minimum set-up time and without costs for expensive die-cut tools.

Hydroponic Herbs

The demand for locally grown, organic fresh herbs and lettuce, has clearly grown in the last years, resulting in a strong increase for hydroponic growers.

As a consequence, we see an increased demand for watertight sleeves, specially designed to package and promote hydroponic herbal plants and lettuces.

Cut herbs

For the packing of Cut Herbs, Mediane offers both Conical Sleeves and square bags.

These can be supplied printed and unprinted, with or without self-adhesive re-close strip, made out of CPP or PLA Bio-Films.