MEDIANE Flexible Packaging Solutions
We are working on upgrading our website.
MEDIANE Flexible Packaging Solutions
We are working on upgrading our website.

The Bread Industry

We offer a variety of bread bags in different film types and shapes specially for the automatic packaging of bread.

Lately there is more focus given to the print and presentation of the product. Production runs become smaller because of the growing number of bread varieties and bags are required in different shapes. Printing quality must be outstanding and today, most designs are full-color.

Here is exactly where Mediane feels comfortable! Here is where we can offer you our services such as Flexo HD print, short Pre-Press times (max. 3 working days), on-line Brand management and our recently introduced ‘webshop’ enabling you to purchase through the internet but also to keep track of your approved designs and specifications.

Mediane has a large experience in the field of printed  packaging and know-how when it comes to CPP or LDPE film grades, regular or deep-freeze. Our Flexo HD printing and high-speed wicket-bag machines,  guarantee a constant  quality and smooth run ability of our bags on your bread packing machines.

For more information just give us a ring or send us an e-mail enquiry.

Deepfreeze Breadbags

Over the years, we have gained lots of experience in film types, application and packaging machines.

Our film types include films suitable for sterilization as well as for deep-freeze applications.

Automated Packaging

Our packaging films and bags are all made out of first grade clear transparent CPP film which are superbly printed in High-Definition Flexo. This is the latest generation of Flexo print which makes the presentation of your products outstanding.

Due to the strict specifications and tolerances in film extrusion, printing and bag-making, our breadbags are suitable for fast automatic packaging lines packing 80 loafs p/minute or more.


Also for handpacking we produce bags in various shapes and executions, either unprinted or printed in High Defintion Flexo.

We can supply bags either on wickets or blocked.