Herbal Plants

Mediane has understood that flexibility is key when it comes to serving the market for Fresh Herbs.

Changes in the product presentation such as new bio qualification logos or other icons on the packaging sleeve or promotional activities from retailers which require design changes and modifications, demand flexibility and anticipation from your  packaging supplier.


For the Agricultural market, Mediane supplies its conical sleeves as well as rectangular bags.

Large conical bags being used for a.o. Lettuce, but also Pepper, Leek, Paksoi and similar produce. Rectangular bags are being used for a large variety of fresh Agri products. Small conical (pointed) bags, f.i. for carrots and radish are also within our range of products.


We live in a throw-away culture, and environmental issues have clearly become more of a concern with both producers and consumers. Therefore, the trend for green living, and environmentally sustainable solutions to everyday problems have become important.

This was MEDIANE’s motivation to start the production of sustainable PLA BIO-SLEEVES.


The market for sleeves for Potted Plants is competitive with lots of imports from Asia, sold through agents and distributors.

Mediane therefore concentrates on the most common sleeves sizes and shapes like for instance for Kalanchoë, Calandiva, Chrysanthemum, Hortensia etc.

Bread packaging

We offer a variety of bread bags in different film types and shapes specially for the automatic packaging of bread.

Lately there is more focus given to the print and presentation of the product. Production runs become smaller because of the growing number of bread varieties and bags are required in different shapes. Printing quality must be outstanding and today, most designs are full-color.