We produce 1:1 Mock-up Sleeves, Bags and Flowpack bags for you!

By using a special printing method, we can produce printed 1:1 Mock-ups for you. We are in the position to print 1 to 10 prints/cuts-off on a regular transparent CPP film, and thereafter cut and seal the CPP film into the a proper Sleeve or Bag, in your correct dimensions. This will enable you to fill the sleeve or bag with the final product and close or seal it.

This new service is ideal for new projects where, prior to release the design for print, you can visualize the final packed product and discuss this internally and/or present to your (potential) end-user and marketing people or use it for a photo-shoot.  People get a clear idea of how the final product will look like on the shelf and possible errors in positing of texts and BAR-Codes, can be eliminated in a much earlier stage.

From approval PDF, it will take us maximum 5 working days to produce a mock-up for you.


  • Mock-ups made of CPP film.
  • Full-Color printing
  • Cut and sealed to size.
  • 3-5 working days.