About Mediane

Are you a grower, packer, bakery or retailer? Than you have come to the right source!

Mediane  produces CPP, LDPE and Bio-compostable (PLA) Sleeves for the Horti and Agri Market out of clear  transparent films, printed in High-Definition Flexo. We supply the major growers in Europe and the USA and you will find our high quality packaging sleeves and bags on the shelf with all major retailers.

Mediane has been established in 1992 and today is supplying its products into all European countries. For the North American market and Canada, we have our Richmond (VA) based sales representative office and warehouse, Mediane North America LLC.

Next to our CPP and LDPE business, Mediane focuses on renewable packaging materials and today is one of the major producers of PLA Packaging sleeves, holding the Vinçotte 4 Star Bio-Based, OK Compost and Seedling qualification.

We combine experience in Polymers, Printing, Pre-Press and Bagmaking, with our expertise and know-how of different markets and product applications.


  • CPP, LDPE, PLA, Green PE and Paper Sleeves
  • Established 1992
  • Europa and North America
  • Bio-Plastics, Vincotte and Seedling Qualifications
  • Expertise and know-how in the field of flexible packaging